Peter De Cosemo

British equestrian and author. Born in Northern England. He has ridden, and now judges and teaches dressage to a high standard. He has also worked as a BHS examiner.

He has written one very unusual horse story for older children/adults which has gained a large following and high praise from reviewers, including users of this website.
Led by the Grey is a mixture of historical fact, fantasy and thriller, and unlike any pony book you have read before!

You can find out more about Peter and his book on his website.

Horse and Pony Books:

(P. A. D. Press 2009)
Reprinted in paperback.
SUMMARY: On July 20, 1982, the IRA launched a car bomb attack on the guard as they left Knightsbridge for Whitehall. Four men and seven horses were killed that day. Twenty-five years after that attack, will history repeat itself on a monstrous scale? Freddy Hobbs is a teenager with a unique gift. So far, he has successfully managed to suppress it, until circumstances take him from his home in Derbyshire and put him into contact with the British Household Cavalry in the heart of Central London. Can his special talents help him prevent a catastrophe?

Collectors Info:
At the moment the book is no longer in print, but is available as an e-book in both the UK and USA. Second hand copies can be found easily in the UK, though harder to get hold of elsewhere and may be pricey.